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We've Got The Winner!

We've Got The winner: Chantalee Maldonado Emerges as First Prize Winner in SONOGRAPHIA 2023

We are delighted to share exciting news from the UMI community! Chantalee Maldonado has secured the coveted First Prize in the SONOGRAPHIA 2023 UMI Student Scanning Competition, representing a noteworthy milestone in her journey as a student in the field of sonography.

Chantalee's Outstanding Accomplishment

Chantalee's sonogram image not only caught the attention but earned high praise from our esteemed faculty and expert sonographer judges on LinkedIn. Her dedication to the craft and commendable skills have contributed to the standards set within the UMI student body this year.

Recognition and Reward

As a token of our appreciation for her hard work and dedication, Chantalee will be receiving a $100 scholarship. At UMI, we believe in supporting our talented students, and Chantalee's success exemplifies the caliber of excellence we strive to foster.

A Moment in the Spotlight

Chantalee's winning sonogram image will be prominently displayed on canvas at the UMI's Sonographia Gallery. This recognition not only celebrates her individual achievement but also serves as an inspiration for others within our community.

Celebrating Chantalee's Success

Join us in congratulating Chantalee on this remarkable accomplishment! Her success reflects the dedication and talent among UMI students, and we look forward to witnessing her continued growth in the field of sonography.

Showcasing Excellence: A Glimpse into the Finalists' Sono Images

As we applaud Chantalee Maldonado's victory, take a moment to view a brief video collage featuring sonogram images from all four finalists of the SONOGRAPHIA 2023 UMI Student Scanning Competition. Each image reflects the dedication and passion these students bring to the field of sonography.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding students at UMI.


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