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Prepare for Your Info Session

Welcome to your Virtual Info Session Prep! This page has all the key info and resources to ensure your session is focused and meaningful. By reviewing these materials beforehand, you can find answers to common questions, allowing the UMI admission advisor to focus on what matters most to you. This streamlined approach helps both you and the advisor assess if our program is the perfect fit. Explore the resources below for a productive Virtual Info Session!


Informational Videos

School Information

Explore comprehensive information about our school and its offerings to gain insights into our programs, facilities, faculty, and more. Click on images to access information.

Voice / SMS: 916-334-5118


1921 S. Alma School Rd., Suite 303 Mesa, AZ 85210

Remote Team Meeting

Welcome & Introduction

General Information, locations, contact and more


UMI Catalog

View and download the current school catalog

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About Us

Mission, history, more


DMS Program Overview

Learn about DMS programs, structure, curriculum, and more

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Accreditation & Approvals

Institutional accreditation, state approvals

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General and program-specific admission requirements and process.

Program Information

Explore valuable insights into our programs, curriculum, and academic offerings to get a closer look at what sets our educational experience apart. Click on images to access information.


DMS Diploma / A.S. Degree Program Information

Program structure, content, schedule, and format


DMS B.S. Degree Program Information

Learn about UMI student activities and projects


Clinical Training

Learn about your clinical training during the program

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Career Development

Learn about UMI Career  Advancement Portfolio (CAP) project.

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Meet UMI faculty

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Professional Credentialing

Learn about ARDMS and your eligibility path to professional credentials.

Tuition & Cost of Attendance

Discover the details of our Tuition and Cost of Attendance, including information on financing options, payment plans, and potential transfer credits, providing a comprehensive overview of the financial aspects of your educational journey. Click on images to access information.

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Learn about program tuition and cots breakdown.

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UMI Payment Plan

Learn about low-interest UMI Payment Plan


Tuition Financing Overview

Learn about tuition payment options available to UMI students

Hamburger Meal

Combo Plan

Learn about how you can combine Private loan and UMI Payment Plan to fit your needs

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Private Educational Loan

Learn about Meritize


Credit Transfer

Learn how you can reduce the cost of attendance by transferring academic credits from UMI and other accredited institutions.

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