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Class Schedule

Class schedule is subject to change. UMI will make every effort to give students sufficient notice of any changes in their schedule. 

UMI breaks three weeks a year: two weeks of Winter break around Christmas and New Year, and one week around 4th of July Independence Day.

Some class days may fall on a short holiday. In this case, a default  make-up class day will be scheduled on a Friday during the class term.

Typical Weekly Schedule

Live Remote Lectures: M-Th 8AM-12PM and Sa 8and-12pm in Term 1.


In-Person Lab: Any two days of in-person 4-hour sessions M-Th 8am-12pm or 5pm-9pm

Clinical 1&2: Minimum 4 hours a week: during weekdays (M-Th) 12:30-4:30; Sa between 8am-4:30pm. Additional clinical days may be available.

Clinical 3: determined by a clinical affiliate

Academic Calendar


Click on your intended or actual program start date to see the course sequence and schedule.

Calendar Pages


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