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Sonographia 2023: Revealing Excellence in UMI's Career Development Initiative - Finalists Unveiled, Winners on the Horizon

As the final judging round concludes, we are delighted to celebrate the outstanding finalists of the Sonographia 2023 UMI Student Scanning Competition. These UMI students, at different stages of their two-year sonography education, have showcased their skills and dedication, demonstrating commendable achievements in the field.

We will be announcing the winner shortly. In the meantime, congratulations to these promising individuals who are making significant contributions to the evolving landscape of sonography!

These finalists have displayed commendable skills in capturing, annotating, and optimizing medical images:

Manpreet Bassi, UMI Class of Apr. 2024

Taryn Lee, UMI Class of Sep. 2024

Chantalee Maldonado, UMI Class of Sep. 2024

Lynda D Salyer, UMI Class of Nov. 2024

About Sonographia

Sonographia, integral to UMI's educational approach, provides a dynamic platform for students in their two-year sonography program. Going beyond standard DMS education, this competition underscores UMI's commitment to fostering excellence and career development. Participants gain a unique opportunity to showcase skills, actively nurturing multifaceted growth and enhancing their potential for successful careers in sonography.

Judging Criteria: Elevating the Standards

  1. Clarity of Image:

  • Precision and clarity in their submissions have left a lasting impact on our judging panels.

  1. Proper Annotation:

  • Attention to detail in providing clear and accurate annotations has greatly enhanced the evaluative process.

  1. Absence of Artifacts:

  • Dedication to ensuring the absence of artifacts reflects their commitment to high-quality imaging.

  1. AIUM Standardized Optimization:

  • Alignment with AIUM standards demonstrates a commitment to excellence in the dynamic field of medical imaging.

Winner Selection: Rigorous Two-Round Process

  1. Round I: Peer and Faculty Ranking

  • UMI faculty and peers engaged in a thorough ranking process, acknowledging outstanding submissions.

  1. Round II: Expert Community Panel

  • The expert judges, handpicked from the LinkedIn community, evaluated submissions, identifying exceptional entries that set the standard in the field.

Awards & Recognition: 1st Prize Winner

UMI Career Development Scholarship: The 1st Prize winner will receive a UMI career development scholarship, acknowledging their commitment to excellence in the Sonographia 2023 UMI Student Scanning Competition.


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