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Thank you for your interest in United Medical Institute and in our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. In order to determine if our program is a good fit for you and to better guide you during your exploratory and/or program registration stages, we ask that you complete this survey prior to booking your one-on-one information visit with your admission advisor.

The survey will ask you general questions about you and your interest in Sonography as well as a few questions related specifically to your interest in our program. We recommend that you review our program information prior to completing this survey: REVIEW DMS PROGRAM INFORMATION .

Once you complete the form, you will be directed to the booking page. While booking your appointment, please consider the following:


  • In our student selection process, we value professionalism and respect for others above all else.

  • Once you schedule your appointment, your admission advisor will allocate a significant amount of time to meet with you one-on-one and to provide you with all the information you may need to help you make the right educational and career decision.

  • It also means that no other prospective student will be able to schedule an appointment during your appointment time.

  • We ask that you carefully consider your availability for the appointment before you schedule it and provide us with as much advance notice as possible if you must cancel or reschedule the appointment.

NOTE: Missing your appointment without a proper cancellation note of at least 24 hours in advance may diminish your chances of being considered for admission into the program.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting you!


What is your work experience? Check all that apply.
What is your experience with sonography? Check all that apply
What resources have you used to research about sonography career? Check all that apply
After having reviewed basic information about our program, select all items that accurately describe UMI and our DMS program.
Check if you answered crrectly
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