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United Medical Institute, California

Accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography School in Citrus Heights, CA

About UMI-California

At United Medical Institute (UMI), we are dedicated to training future medical ultrasound professionals in California, aiming to meet the state's increasing demand for healthcare and imaging/sonography experts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes the employment of diagnostic medical sonographers is set to grow significantly, driven by an aging population's need for diagnostic services. UMI focuses on providing essential skills and hands-on experience to prepare students for a thriving career in this expanding sector.


At United Medical Institute (UMI), we dedicate ourselves to advancing excellence in medical imaging with a mix of comprehensive coursework and extensive clinical training. Our mission is to produce competent, compassionate, and adaptable professionals ready for the dynamic healthcare sector. Choosing UMI connects you to industry recognition and a network of seasoned professionals and educators who mentor students towards countless success stories. Our faculty's wealth of knowledge ensures our graduates are well-prepared for their careers, embodying UMI's tradition of excellence in the healthcare community.


We are a fully accredited diagnostic medical sonography school. UMI is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), assuring students a high-quality education. Our commitment to meeting rigorous standards reflects our commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences in diagnostic medical sonography.

Campus Facility

UMI's campuses in Citrus Heights, CA, and Mesa, Arizona, host advanced ultrasound labs and simulation tech, offering convenient, effective hands-on clinical training by sharing facilities with close clinical affiliates. In California, our partner is a free nonprofit diagnostic ultrasound clinic, and in Arizona, we collaborate with a 3D/4D imaging clinic.

Ultrasound Tech Programs

UMI-California offers hybrid distance learning diagnostic medical sonography programs: DMS Diploma, AS Degree, and BS Degree programs. The programs are designed to integrate classroom theory with practical experience right from the start. This hands-on training is conducted through a partnership with UMI Community Imaging Clinic, a free nonprofit diagnostic ultrasound clinic. Beyond learning and applying your skills, you’ll also contribute to providing essential, often critical, ultrasound services to those in need. This well-rounded approach not only deepens your understanding and expertise in diagnostic medical sonography but also instills a strong commitment to community service, fully preparing you for your future career.


Our goal is to make the admission process simple and straightforward for prospective students. Our step-by-step guide includes everything from requirements to deadlines, ensuring a smooth and efficient planning process.

Financial Aid & Assistance

While UMI has opted out of the Federal  student financial aid program, we empathize with the financial commitment of education. Instead, we are committed to supporting our students through flexible payment plans and offering guidance on external financial options to help them achieve their educational and career goals.

Student Services

Navigate your academic journey with confidence through our Student Services, where we provide personalized academic advising for guidance, career coaching to shape your professional trajectory, and job assistance to support your successful transition from education to the workforce. 

In Ultra Spotlight

Explore UMI student success in our "In Ultra Spotlight" – a showcase of skill demos and achievements on our LinkedIn page. Join us for the latest updates!

Blog, News, UMI Socials 

Stay connected with the latest industry and school updates, events, and success stories by exploring our blog and news section. Join our vibrant UMI community on LinkedIn and Facebook to engage with fellow students, alumni, and industry professionals. Connect with us for a comprehensive experience of UMI Social, where we share valuable insights, networking opportunities, and exciting updates.

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with over 100 years of combined experience we bring to you


Photo credit-Brooklyn Say, UMI Class of 2023

DMS Program Overview

Experience a seamless transition between programs at UMI. Whether you start with the Diploma or AS program, you can effortlessly transition to the BS program during your final clinical module. This unique feature allows you to transfer your entire degree credits, ensuring a smooth and efficient academic progression.

Testimonials & Reflection

UMI students reflect on their educational journey and show the skills they have learned

UMI Faculty

Embark on a transformative learning journey with UMI's faculty—a dynamic group of practitioner-educators bringing decades of professional experience and academic credentials, in the U.S. and abroad. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise offer a unique blend of real-world insights and academic rigor, prioritizing the synthesis of hands-on experience with theoretical knowledge. 

Local Community Impact
We proudly support
UMI Community Imaging Clinic

Free non-profit diagnostic ultrasound clinic, member of the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC).


UMI Community Imaging Clinic

Discover the heart of UMI's commitment to community well-being.

Our faculty donates their time as lead sonographers and clinical directors, while students actively volunteer, gaining hands-on experience as part of their clinical training. UMI provides the Clinic facility, ultrasound lab, and all necessary equipment to ensure free diagnostic ultrasound services reach the community.

photo credit-Brooklyn Say, UMI Class of 2023

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